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Decisions in Paradise Part 3

Mark Anthony


Lawanda Rutledge-Gordon

Over the past few months our team has discussed growth of the Anything But Silent Pharmaceuticals (ABS) in Kava. Alex and I defined problems and arrived at solutions for the causes and effects which we believe to be key factors to our company’s plans to stimulate growth in Kava. We analyzed and evaluated important information needed and alternative solutions to make the growth successful. As we launch our growth campaigns in Kava we must keep in mind the rationale and plans for the proposed solutions to strengthen our existence. In order to determine all the factors affecting the decisions we are planning to implement and there proposed solutions; we must not forget to evaluate resources and actions required to implement the solutions; and evaluate the ethical implications of the solutions from the stakeholder’s perspectives.

One factor was the decisions to first expand our current facility in order to better implement cleanup efforts around the community. This may be a lengthy process but the affects will greatly benefit the company in the long-run as well as strengthen ties within the diverse local community. We proposed an area wide cleanup effort to start immediately. This will build morale, loyalty, and commitment to the community while at the same time invite tourists, families, and businesses back into the region. Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters and terrorism, ABS will focus on foundation and building improvements which are a necessity at this point to ensure stability. Since ABS cannot influence or predict the disaster and threats at present, we will concentrate on improving the conditions for a better chance of survival during future threats. Reconstruction of buildings will strengthen the facility and incorporate a safe structure during most natural disasters, and supply more than adequate shelter for citizens of the area at the same time. With that being said we’ll also implement a safer and more secure evacuation plan and while improving security efforts for employees and their families as well as the citizens of Kava when disasters of all types are imminent.

As we know Kava has a wide variety of products and services which reach and benefit people from all walks of life and all around the world. We should not discount the future, which means we must consider long-term costs and benefits without the thought of dwelling on the short-term; in other words at no time during implementation should we give in to the sunk cost factor, instead we shall start with the end in mind forever staying focused on the big picture.
Kava is an Island country which is centrally isolated in the South Pacific. With its diverse culture of Spanish, Asians, French, and Africans plus the indigenous mix of South Pacific Tribes and Americans, Kava is a melting pot similar to that of the early US. As their religious practices are divided between Christian, Buddhist and Islamic customs and their languages are Spanish, French and English also with mixed indigenous dialects clear and transparent communication will paramount throughout the process. Despite Kavas third world conditions, other countries depend on the economical exportation of goods produced on Island, things like sugar, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, fishing, natural gas, petroleum, and inexpensive quality labor. In return Kava Island is dependent upon on the revenues from goods it exports and tourism.
Unfortunately, since Kava is plagued by seasonal natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods volcanic eruptions, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires. Likewise, the people of Kava are also subject to serious health risks such as HIV/AIDS, Avian flu, all the health issues associated with petroleum spills and terrorism within and outside the island. The country has very