Essay on Decisions in Paradise

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One of the organizational issues that are affecting Target on Kava is the lack of staffing. Currently we have Alex who is the director of strategic planning, as well as the receptionist, which makes it difficult for Alex to give her undivided attention to strategic planning. In addition to Alex, we have Nik (I) who just recently graduated with my major being in strategic planning. One of Target’s first considerations should be to hire a receptionist, in order to let Alex focus on the duties of the director of strategic planning. When considering new hires for this position, as well as any other positions that come available, first priority should be given to residents of Kava. By hiring residents of Kava, you are not only providing goods and services to the community, but you are also including the residents in the ongoing change to their surrounding environment. Another incentive about hiring Kava’s residents is the residents are also familiar with the languages that are native to their country; furthermore, by hiring the residents of Kava, it will make other residents feel more comfortable with Target, due to there being familiar people working for our company. One of the environmental factors that affect Target on Kava is the physical space that we have at this time. As the company grows, so will our need for space, in order for our company to expand. Another environmental factor that affects Target on Kava is natural disasters such as tidal waves/tsunami, typhoons/hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, HIV/AIDS, petroleum spill, and a high risk for avian flu (University of Phoenix, 2013). Prior to putting up any infrastructures, we as an organization need to make sure that the infrastructure is sound. We can do this by making sure the building would be able to withstand an earthquake. It may take more money to build, but it would pay off in the long run by being able to withstand an earthquake. Finally, another environmental factor that affects Target on Kava is the health issues such as Flu and HIV/AIDS (University of Phoenix, 2013). One of the ways that we can help with these issues is education.…