Decisions in Paradise Part 1 Essay

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Decisions in Paradise Part 1
Shaunte Johnson
November 19, 2012
Mark Hudson

Decisions in Paradise Part 1
The country of Kava, located in South Pacific is in great need of assistance. The company Rx Outreach has sent me to Kava, to partner with Alex the director of strategic planning. One would never know how beautiful this country can be, because of so many natural disasters and terrorists threats and attacks. The country is known for natural disasters such as: tidal wave, typhoon, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and petroleum spills. The country is also at high risk for the avian flu, and there is a serious concern with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With 50% of the population being children under fifteen, they are more subject to sickness and having diseases transferred to them.
Rx Outreach mission is to provide affordable medications for people in need. Rx Outreach will be able to provide a great presence in Kava, and the company will be able to provide a great presence in Kava, and will help assist many individuals and families to receive medication. Working with Alex, we will bring the company’s vision to life, and that vision is to live in a world where every person has access to the medication they need. With so many natural disasters and severe illnesses, this country would benefit greatly from low cost medication.
Since there is a high risk for HIV/AIDS and the avian flu, people will be in desperate need of medication. Chris, Alex, and I will need to create a plan of action, and then discuss ways to implement this plan. We will need to come together to brainstorm ideas, and also discuss any alternatives that be may be used.
Starting a new company requires a lot of planning and decision-making. We first will need to define our goals and objectives, and discuss the behavioral guidelines that our company will go by. It is important to start developing concepts: the chain of command, delegation of tasks, work specialization, and authority. We also need to begin work in the HR Department, where we will choose employees and managers. This process is a very important step because it will ensure the success of the company. Employees and managers will need to be trained properly to ensure excellent and high performance. Since this business is going to be located in Kava, we will need to have a culturally diverse work environment. This will ensure that every employee is treated fair and with respect.
Critical thinking is essential in the decision making process. There are certain steps we will need to take when running into problems. The first step will be to frame the problem, and that will include recognizing what the problem is. The second step is…