Case Study: Decisions In Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise
For over three decades, the island of Kava has been a favorite destination for tourists from around the world who enjoy the many pleasures it offers. One of these great attractions is tourist fishing. Found At Sea is one of the few companies that offer fishing adventures. Although there have been difficulties expanding, the Kava manager Alex and I have applied some critical thinking and began a decision-making process that uncovered problems and defined some solid steps to reach the company’s goals. We now will have a look at applying our decision-making techniques that identified our solutions, and provide an analysis of our chosen steps. We will also determine which decision-making model worked the best for our organizations problems and how they impact our solutions.

Techniques to Identify the Solution

At the Florida locations, Found At Sea uses the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat’s) analysis method to conduct the company’s needs to run effectively and efficiently. Since my landing at the Kava location, I noticed the obvious signs of un- organization, external factors such as the recent typhoon debris and economical differences, and other internal factors; I described several measures needed to change. The SWOT method has been established at the Florida locations and works very well. By using this technique, we can evaluate if our solutions are being formed in a manner that frames the well-being of the company, our customers and the local economy of Kava.
With the problems identified, it is important to begin the process of identifying the best solution. Found At Sea needs staff members with an established ethical code of conduct, along with an organizational process that best works for the location. We also need adequate amounts of equipment needed for expeditions for more than 10 people at a time. Advertisement is crucial for the organization to get noticed, and becoming more involved with local hotels and resorts is a must to attract and book tourists seeking fishing adventures. Finally we need a manager that is focused and organized that has established authority among the employees and customer services.
The Steps Needed
Found At Sea can quickly expand into a main go-to organization for touring fishermen. By taking important measures to make clear what actions need taken first over what solutions can wait. The first step is an obvious one, acquiring more employees to run the offices and conduct tours for customers. Producing a breakdown of responsibilities of each of the employees and their departments will make the company more organized and run more smoothly. This will also free the manager for his responsibilities necessary to lead the organization. Having an experienced leader for the Kava location is especially important if we intend to expand. Becoming involved with the local hotels and resorts is a sure way to lure customers to book their adventures with us. This is a very useful tool in the hotels and resorts along the coast of Florida. It has proven to be one of the best resources to gain customers and advertisements. We have contacted the Kava Lava Resort and Spa, and have scheduled a meeting to