Essay Decisions in Paradise Part 1

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Decisions in Paradise Part 1
Annsley Farabee
MGT 350
Warren Eck
July 1, 2013

Pier One Imports in Kava
The South Pacific island of Kava in its current state is a disaster stricken area. Most recently Kava has been ambushed by disasters of all kinds, coming from all directions. If the diseases, filth, poverty, young population can be looked past, Kava has the potential to be a thriving, beautiful paradise island. Kava needs a great deal of help in order to achieve the title of “paradise”. Pier One Imports is a company that could significantly help this island. This is a unique project that will take a lot of time and critical thinking, as there are many obstacles that stand in the way. Not only is it our goal to better the island, it is also our goal for this project to better our company as well. The island of Kava has many natural resources that could help the island thrive; however there are also many things that could present a problem to the success of Kava.
Problem Formulation There are a series of physical and social problems that need to be addressed in Kava. The first and most significant problem is the physical messes that the disasters have left behind. The messes must be cleaned up in order for new structures, safer, sturdier structures to be built. This will take a lot of time and a lot of money. A second problem that presents itself is that of health. The overall health of individuals is very important in order to have the most productive citizens. Treating medical conditions as well as preventing this will also take a lot of time and money. The majority of the population is very young; the education and skills of individuals may present a problem for rebuilding the island, as well as creating thriving businesses that could provide jobs. The people of Kava are very diverse. Having a diverse population can be very beneficial, but can also be problematic. The beliefs, ideologies, and attitudes of the indigenous people will play an important role in all decisions that are made in regards to Kava. There are many problems in Kava, but no real organization as to how to go about fixing these problems. Kava’s weak government system also poses a problem. As an underdeveloped country, Kava has not benefited from technological advances to help them in the areas of agriculture, business and government.
Critical Thinking Decision Making Organizational planning will encompass us to identify the immediate and long-term objectives, and formulating specific strategies to achieve them. “An organizational plan is basically a “to do” list for an organization. It lists out the plan of work, programs, and organizational growth over a period of time - six months, a year, a five years” (Castelloe). Pier One Imports has played an important role in the economic progress of villages, tribes, and islands all over the world. Pier One Imports specializes in imported goods which bring revenue to the communities that provide those goods. Our company hopes to help provide the island, and its people with stable jobs and income that will allow the island to grow and prosper, thus creating a successful business relationship between the island our company. Pier One Imports plan is to clean up the island, getting rid of debris left by the disasters and getting rid dilapidated buildings. The company also plans to use the natural resources of the island, and the goods made by the islanders to import into the stores, thus providing economic stability to the island and the islanders. Pier One Imports also plans to use its partnership with UNICEF to provide clean water and vaccines to the people of Kava. Lastly we plan to promote education, and educational programs so that the people of Kava can develop the skills needed to continue to grow. Pier One Imports will first need to analyze the natural goods that the indigenous people of Kava have. There are many natural resources that Pier One Imports could benefit from importing. In…