Declaration: New Independent States Essay

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The Declaration of Independence Sometimes in the course of human history it is necessary for people to break their ties with another group of people. All people should be seen as and treated like adults. God has stated that we are to be separate and equal. It’s important that we tell the world what happened, or tell our side of the story. It should be obvious that everyone is created equal. Everyone has a right to have liberty. We also have the right to throw out anyone in the government if they’re not serving the people right. We can elect a new government that will help our safety and happiness. No one should be able to take your life, put you in jail, or take away your dreams. However, we’re not going to switch our government over something small. We have decided to declare our independence for various reasons. King George III refused to sign laws to benefit the public. He rejected officials proposed by people in the colonies, and instead replaced the government with his own appointed people. He controlled the judges of the court, which caused them to judge unfairly because George was controlling how much money they made. When a tax collector is sent we have to pay the taxes, and pay for the officer’s salary. He issued the military to do things only under his command, and made them a higher rank than the government. Another reason we are declaring our independence is for taxation without representation. When you’re under martial law it is not fair to have no trial by jury. He took away ships and burned villages. He tried to convince the Indians to go to fight against the people. Many unfair acts have