Declaration Of Becca's Independence

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Declaration of Becca’s Independence

I declare as of today that my own independence must occur. Whether it’s me doing my own schoolwork, cooking, or relaxing. No issues will be caused by this. I, Becca need my own time. I need to be able to voice my own opinion and not be told I’m wrong. My own freedom of speech. I demand everyone to follow this declaration.

When I am doing my schoolwork, there is to be no interrupting me. Unless it is a true emergency. Most importantly, I am to not be disturbed when I am just trying to relax. I need my own space most of the time. This applies to everyone. In addition, when it seems like I am just sitting there doing nothing, don’t bother me, it may be my odd way of some sort of relaxation.

Be aware that most of the time I am listening to music. So I do not fully pay attention. If music is coming from my room, it’s another sign to not disturb me. My room is my own country. If you enter it, then you must follow my rules. These rules are:

Do not touch anything without my permission.
Do not climb onto my bed.
Do not come in screaming.
There is no running, or jumping allowed in my room.
Do not question everything in my room.
Lastly, do not complain.

Those rules must be followed, or else punishments will happen. Such as me adding pepper flakes to dinner. Which we all know we do not want to happen. So follow the rules.

Finally, this declaration is to show you can support my decision on this. To understand that