Declaration of Independence Essay

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Declaration of Independence

I feel that the Declaration of Independence is so special, because it changed the American “rebellion” against great Brittan into a revolution. Beginning in April 19, 1975 until July 2, 1776 the war was being fought so that the colonist could regain their rights as Englishmen that had been taken away by the British from 1763 through 1775. July 2 the second continental congress approved the resolution by Richard Henry lee. Stating that the united colonies are and of right to be free and independent states. Also that all allegations to the British crown and connection between them and the stat of Great Britain is and ought to be totally dissolved. With this being said the fourth of July has been chosen as the American day of independence. Truly that was the day the second continental approved but did not sign the declaration of independence wrote mostly by Thomas Jefferson. If anyone wanted to personally see the declaration of independence it is on public display at the national achieve in Washington D.C. Although delegates from each of the thirteen colonist met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1776 to decide the case for liberty in witch is now the United States. The whole main goal was to convince the states that the time had come for the united colonies to declare their independence from mother England. Its sounds like a lot to do witch it was, but it was an incredibly difficult time for the young United States. For more than a year, Great Britain and the thirteen colonist had been at war over the issue of taxation without representation. “The colonies believed that their rights were being impeded by the British, who were levying taxes upon them without their consent. Witch mean’s the tea act and stamp act motived the colonist to move on. Basically the conflict had quickly escalated into more of an issue that just taxation, however, and many of the colonies had started to think that they were capable of governing themselves. They were persuaded that parliament wasn’t look out for their interest, proven by the fact that despite their population the colonies had not been allowed represent themselves in the British Legislature. As a result, the second continental congress met in Philadelphia in June of 1776. Slightly more than a month later, the Declaration of Independence was proposed to the States. John Hancock, the first signatory, was the only person to sign on July forth. Many of the other delegates would place their names on the completed document on August second of that same year. The last person to sign, the New Hampshire delegate Matthew Thornton, endorsed the document on November fourth, 1775. With this being said the declaration of independence has a voice in my eyes and then the Lee’s Resolution, also known as the resolution of independence, was an act of the second continental congress declaring the thirteen colonies to be independent of the British Empire. Richard Henry lee of the Virginia first proposed it on June seventh, 1776. In the text of lee’s resolution it stated that the united colonies are, and of right to be free and independent states, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown as I stated earlier in the paper. The point of this was to have all political connections between them meaning the colonies and Great Britain be totally dissolved. That a plan of confederation be prepared and transmitted to the respective colonies for their consideration and approbation. So the colonist started a committee of five that consisted of Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Robert Livingston. Together these very important men came up with the first draft of the Declaration of Independence working on this draft from June 11, 1776 until the day on which the Declaration was published on June 28, 1776. But early in the development, of this many delegates weren’t yet allowed to vote for the independence as the states had not yet