Declaration Of Independence Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The United States of America: the land of the free. Though, it has not always been that way, but came to play due to the Revolutionary War. War is usually not the answer, but in this case, it was a wise decision due to the fact that it brought freedom, demolished social barriers, and reimagined freedom and equality. The revolutionary ideas passed on to many different social groups, including, the Native Americans, the enslaved and freed African Americans, and women. As the Revolutionary War begun, the Americans sent letters (declarations) to the British. The main and focal point of the letters was the Declaration of Independence which was written by Thomas Jefferson. The Declaration of Independence stated that all men are created equal, and that all men have basic human rights given to them by God, among other statements. These statements and this language sparked ideas among the Native Americans, African Americans, and women- it caused them to reimagine equality and freedom for themselves. They thought that if the colonists could break from their inferiors, then so could they so this inspired the Native Americans to therefore adopt the dialect of the revolution. By doing this, it helped the colonists to shift their previous view of the Natives from savages to intellectuals.
Throughout the war, the women took on the roles of the men and once
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They all followed the ideas of the Americans, who before were colonists under the rule of the British, but they managed to gain their independence and freedom. This heavily inspired them to challenge themselves to make the colonists view them as equals, and by following in their footsteps and using their language, they made themselves equal to the colonists. They all fought for what they believed in, just like the Americans did, in hopes that one day they would all truly be equal, and that they almost