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The Declaration of Procrastination
A Declaration of Procrastination of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled. When in the course of human events, it becomes essential for an individual to procrastinate from the ordination of doing work when thou get’s it, and to make an assumption that thou will do the work immediately, when in most situations it is pushed off to the last second, causing thy stress in order to finally make a change. We hold the reality to do other things, essential to human course; that homework isn’t, at times, a direct priority in adolescence’s minds; that from the equal effort, they derive in rights of a human being, to put forth an effort which are an extreme preservation of laziness, relaxation and the process of “kickin’ back;’ which they are, many times before, customary to. But when a pile of homework and chores formats on thy’s desk, pursuing on every occasion the same apparatus, indicates a structure to decrease them under complete tyranny, it is their right, it is their almighty duty to wipe away such habit, and to supply new entrances for their future prosperity to never again procrastinate, even as the slightest form of temptation grows within thyseldf. Such has been the forbearing accommodation of these individuals; and such is now the main priority which withholds them to change their past ways of procrastination. The history of the individual focused upon is a history of ceaseless injuries and annexations, among them, as a group, without a single or a breakable restraint to their past ways, all of which hold within, object the creation of an absolute autocracy over these past habits. In order to prove such statement, let thy truth be admitted as well as examined to an outspoken word, for the truth of which we pledge a change yet impeccable by falsification.

Thy Grievances
Thou has not live up to thy possibilities of potential of thy self is artfully capable of.
Thou has been greatly unproductive when thy becomes to procrastinate, which is greatly horrific.
Thou has put off all responsibilities thou shall do when thou is, a grand proportion of the time, held greatly accountable in all duties thy has had.
Thou have abolished their System of Education by allowing a new formational branch of procrastination into thy way of livelihood.
Thou have caused an insignificant amount of stress for thyself an enormous amount of times.
Thou has caused an eloquent increase in thou’s blood pressure, due to thy’s previous grievance of excessive stress levels.
Thou have caused unpleasant endeavors with thy spouse due to thy laziness and thy responsibilities of which have not been achieved.
In every phase of these challenges and oppressions faced, all thou were to change have only caused a repeated injury for oneself. Thou is not fit to be our leader, when thou cannot set an example for others. We