Decleration of Independance Essay

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Declaration Of Independence

My Declaration of Independence is that I feel everyone should receive free college. Although you receive Grants and Loans sometimes this is still too much to pay off towards the end. Many older people are going back to college as well as young; free college means everyone and anyone can go back and get there education at any time. Making Education past schooling free allows even the poor to better themselves; and there life.
There are many reasons as to why Free College should be offered. Many good reasons are so that people can further better their lives; making poverty less of a problem over time. Many people Graduate High school but can’t receive further education due to lack of income in the family/household. Another good reason is that there is plenty of poverty over wealth; the many “Billionaires” today are greedy and are taxt less if at all compared to the average citizen. Another reason is the more Single mothers, Single Dads, and middle aged; Middle classed workers can go back to college and set a better example for their children. This could even mean a rise in young adult’s graduation high school; even further bettering their lives the economy of the country. If college was free for everyone we would have more money coming from knowledgeable people; later resulting in more money for the economy.
This is my Declaration of Independence, and based on the information above truly, and fully believe that free College should be offered