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Daniel Dedeaux 11:10-12:35

Great Speech in History Outline

Specific Purpose: To show people what a little imagination and timing can do for somebody that is willing to work hard.
Thesis Statement: I will show the class what kind of person Steve Jobs was and how a man could create such advanced technology.
Introduction: “June 12, 2005. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Steve Jobs”
Topic Announcement: Steve Jobs was addressing graduates on how to be successful and shared his life story with everybody in attendance.
Thesis Statement: I will share what I have learned about an historic technologic genius and how he got where he was before he died.
Preview: First I will share what Steve Jobs accomplished, and secondly, I will explain why this speech has historical significance.

What did Steve Jobs accomplish?
Steve Jobs created one of the greatest technological company’s ever and basically has a monopoly in that genre of business.(unknown, 2012)
Steve Jobs was the designer of almost all of Apple’s products and contributed to the software design also.(, 2012) b. What companies’ did Job’s own and did he actually create the software?
- Steve Jobs was the founder of Pixar and Apple, two very successful companies that revolutionized the world.(, 2012)
- Yes, Steve mostly had partners in all of the Apple products but they are all well thought out projects. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest minds of our time.(, no date)
Transition: First, we looked at Steve Jobs accomplishments and why he is an historical figure, secondly, I want to show my colleagues why Steve Jobs was such a great master mind and what he did for the technological world.

Message of the Speech
What was Steve Jobs speech about?
His Stanford address was about his life. He came from nothing and with a