Deenie And Tiger Eyes By Judy Blume: Literary Analysis

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Judy Blume wrote several exceptional novels. Two of her novels are Deenie and Tiger Eyes. Blume made several personal connections to her writing. Blume also incorporated a variety of literary elements such as figurative language, conflict, and theme to enhance her characters.
For instance, Blume includes a variety of details from her actual life into the story. One detail she includes is the characterization of the main character, Deenie. Before Blume wrote the book, she tells how she met a “lively fourteen-year old girl with scoliosis”(Deenie) named Janie. Even though she seemed to be adjusting well to her brace, her mother showed to be the polar opposite. These unalike feelings and odd relationship is what sparked the inspiration of the characters, Deenie and Thelma Fenner.
Moreover, Blume includes numerous conflicts from her life into her other book, Tiger Eyes. When Blume was 21, she watched as her father died of a fatal heart attack. Though this memory had forever devastated Blume, she somehow comes to incorporate these feelings into the main character, Davey, after her father is killed by gunshot. “Davey's feelings about her father's sudden death were based on mine, though I'm not sure I was aware of it while I was writing the book.” (Tiger Eyes) Despite these feelings were
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The figurative language being used is a hyperbole. This is because Thelma, Deenie's mother, describes her floors as to being so clean, that you are even able to eat off of them- which is not meant to be taken literally. The emotion the author is trying to convey is how infatuated Thelma is with her cleaning. This idea helps the reader to visualize how serious Thelma takes her obsessions; including Deenie’s modeling career. The emotion and figurative language help to express one of Deenie’s conflicts which is her mother’s passion to make her become