Define Critical Thinking

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1. Having read this week's assigned materials, and having a clear understanding of what is meant by "critical thinking," why are employers making these comments? I believe that employers are making these comments because often people lack of "superior critical thinking and problem solving skills” also if they come from an undergraduate and graduate programs. I mean, having done high school or university doesn’t mean necessarily that a person owns a proper critical thinking. I understood that a critical thinking is a skill that must be develop with the time and using a lot of effort on ourselves in order to maturate it. There are attitudes that too often are undervalued by people and that might be taken more in consideration for a better development of a …show more content…
Are they justified? Explain your answer in detail.
I believe that employers are in part justified and sometimes they have a real reason to say that due to several things. In the modern age, it is not so rare to find former university or high school students who basically, don’t own a proper independent critical thinking or any problem solving skill. I understand the employers’ frustration to find qualified workers who have a thinking mind, who can work independently, who can elaborate new ideas and who can have a critical view of their job or of their projects.
On the other hand, also if often employers complain about lack of critical thinking, sometimes, I believe that it is just hypocrisy. Some of them get very angry if workers are too independent in their thinking, and when I say independent I don’t mean workers who do what they want, I mean workers who think how to do better something that the business where they work already does. And, it is also so common, if your boss decide that you have to do X in this way, often you can’t neither say “I can do X in this other way because it is easier”, because your boss wants not critical thinking, but only that you work in that