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Empathy within any work related environment can be difficult to understand, of which a counsellor job is to make sure that they don’t get emotionally drowned by the clients thoughts. Friends and relatives seem to define empathy as “I know how you feel” or “I understand where you’re coming from” these are words that mean that they want to understand but they don’t know how to understand. With the understanding of empathy being that to understand ones feelings, experiences and personality we are to accurately reflect of their feelings, and thoughts and being capable to accept and support the individual through, any issues or concerns that she or he may bring.
Empathy can be empathised in a variety of ways through enhancing attentiveness to facial expressions, gestures and silences. With the importance of empathy being that it shows commitment to understanding the other individual’s point of view and what emotions they are experiencing
For example thinking of an individual who you can relate to i.e. knowing how one feels, thinks and understands you, is someone who will not judge you, knock you down, make you feel unique whilst being trustworthy, compassionate, optimistic and sympathetic
Understanding your ‘self’ is being able to know your values, beliefs and responses to people and situations, without having another person or something change that.
Within counselling there are a wide range of issues that arise, when talking to a client. Where you may find that boundaries that you didn’t think you had, you have. Where in this type of professionalism its important to have your responses under control.
For example I know by understanding that time keeping is an important value in counselling, it allows myself to know that I have a limited amount of…