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Define Humanities Week 1
John Houston
October 6, 2014
Define Humanities Week 1
Humanities is such a broad topic to discuss, let alone to define. To put it in a “nutshell”, would not do it justice. Humanities includes the arts. What are “the arts”? The arts include dance, which has as many styles as there are personalities of all the different people who choose to dance. The arts include painting, which has an unlimited amount of styles as well. What one person thinks is the most wonderful piece of work, another may dislike it. Another aspect of the arts is photography. Everyone who enjoys taking stills of life around them, gives you a glimpse of how they see the world around them. The arts also include music. The only limit to the styles of music, is as far as your imagination can take you.
Humanities also includes literature. There are probably as many styles within each genre of writing, as there are grains of sand on all the beaches around the world. The books we read, or have the ability to read, bring us information, or can take us to a different reality, if only for a short while.
Humanities includes philosophy. Each person has their own philosophy of life and the purpose thereof. Humanities also include history, and within our history, the beginnings of technology and scientific thought. Much of the early technology is still in use today, as well as the scientific thought process. Without this “forward thinking” has brought us the written language, early flight, which inevitably led to space travel, telegraph machines using Morris code, which eventually led to telephones.
The cultural event I wish to elaborate upon took place about 9 or 10 years ago, but the memory of it is still very much alive in my mind. I took my wife to go see Yanni in concert. She always would rave about how wonderful his music was.