Defining Patriotism

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1st hour
Defining Patriotism From the time that we are little, they tell us about all of the great soldiers in our countries past. This is what they tell us is patriotic. The fact that all these brave men and woman are willing to put their lives on the line to save us. Yet I see where this is patriotic; this doesn't seem to be what patriotism is. We don't all have to put our lives on the line to show we have patriotism. In reality I believe patriotism is helping others no matter how little the gesture. As well as seeing the right and wrong in your self in a sense of taking responsibility for the things we have done, and appreciating what you have. In this way you are still showing the love and respect for our country and what it has to give, but you aren't doing it in away that risk everything. I feel as though saying you are showing love is a big term in its self. You love you mother, father, brother, sister, grand mother, husband or wife, but is that kind of love what we really give our country. I don't believe so. I believe what we show is more a sign of respect for what we have been given. The opportunities we have that many other places do not, or that have formed over many years of debate. In away I see Johnathon Edwards going against his idea. He believes that God, the one person that all these people want to please, will end up hating them. I see this idea from him because his message seems to be that God is the absolute all and all but the converted will be willed to Hell because hates us no matter what we do to fix our past, This goes completely against my views because I believe as long as you find a shed of respect to share with
others, then God and those who we now truly depend on will still love us. That is where an act of small kindness can get us far in life. I myself every year go to Washtenaw Community College and participate in the walk to support breast cancer awareness. We go around a couple of months before and collect donations to donate to cancer research, this money is a pledge for us to walk. The event last 24 hours and at least one member has to be walking the entire time. In taking part in this event I feel that I help give many woman another chance at life.I'm not at there door handing over the treatment myself, or facing off others to ensure they live, but I am in an indirect way saving their lives. This goes hand in hand partially with the way Smith views what he has done. He comes in to the new world seeing everyone here as savages, but in the end he introduces them to new ideas and has helped them. He in his own way has "cured" these people from a "disease" they didn't even know they had. Although they were surviving and getting by there was no way that they would have lives as long as we can today. Smiths introduction to the items of the world he came from showed a hope to people everywhere that things can truly change. Life as they new it would never be the same. I have always been told to live my life to its fullest. As I child I thought that simply meant do good in everything that you do and strive for more. Not to let anyone else tell you the things you can and cannot do. Now that I'm older, I see this a little different. It's not so much proving yourself or doing everything for your own satisfaction; the true way to live your life to the fullest is to also focus on those around you. You can't reach to the top of the sky scraper, or man would have never set foot on the moon with no help. Every body needs help. Even Martin Luther king
needed help, if nobody stood behind him for blacks rights then his assassination would have been for nothing. We can all relate this to ourselves. Would you rather be the leader or the follower? In both cases you gain and you lose, but which is more worth losing from? Thomas Jefferson seems to support my point in his piece "the Declaration of Independence". He chooses to lead or…