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John Ohnysty
Defining Religion
When discussing religion in a general sense, there are many definitions that come to mind when divided among a group of people. One definition that most agree upon is stated as the following: A collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to spirituality. This definition does not completely describe what religion really means, given that this is only one definition of religion defined by a plethora of individuals. Religion is so vast, making a single definition not completely incorrect, just not valid, and leading to the creation of more definitions. With over twenty two major religions to date, the number of followers increases every year, with religions such as Hinduism and Christianity reaching numbers in the billions. These religions follow specific stories involving different deities, with Hinduism focused on one Supreme Being, Brahman. Followers of Hinduism worship under three forms of Brahman: Vishnu, Siva, and Brahma. Each of these forms demonstrates Brahma through each distinctive avatar, representing the three faces of Brahman, the Trimurti. When discussing Christianity, God is the Supreme Being, along with Jesus Christ, god’s son, who in essence is also God. The bible is composed of many different stories, with the New Testament, focusing on the tenants of Jesus Christ and his teachings. Hinduism is of course is more complex than Christianity, yet both still stand as the two most followed