Defining Service Report Essay

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Defining Service Report

Service to me can be defined as a person doing something to help or guide another person. Service can be good or bad. You can be sent by someone to do something bad, but it is still a service to that person. When the waiter at a restaurant takes your order and gets your drinks, he is performing a service to you. In this case of service that we are performing it is a very good type of service. We are all finding some way to perform a positive to help others. This is the best type of service in my opinion. Jesus himself told us we are to serve others because we as human beings are called to take care of one another and help each other out whenever they need it. Service is important and essential to a happy and spiritual life.

Someone who I believe is a great example of service is not just one person, it is many. Our United Sates soldiers perform some of the greatest acts of service every single day. They put their lives on the line to protect all people of our country and ensure our safety. They leave everything they have behind to serve our country and its people. This service is one that cannot really be topped. The best part about it is that are not just protecting the people, they are protecting rights and freedoms. If we did not have the military staff that we do, America would not be a free country. It took our troops bravery back in the 1600’s to earn our freedom from Britain, and these soldiers still till this very day are out there protecting what they earned. These men and women deserve more thanks and gratitude than almost anyone. Without their service I would not be sitting here typing this report today.

Jesus can be seen as the greatest model of service of all time. Jesus’ life work was to serve his father who happens to be our God. All he did his life was help others and serve them in their every need. He preached to the people that we were to serve others and take care of them as he did. Jesus went on to sacrifice his own life to save us. It literally cannot get any bigger than that. This is a globally known event that is seen as the greatest act of service ever performed. But as I was saying, even before his death he constantly was serving others. He would put anyone before himself no matter who they may be. He loved everyone and obeyed every request God had in store for him. Jesus defines service and is the best example you will find of someone who truly knew how to serve others in a loving and caring way.

I have performed many different services in my day. As a member of my youth group I get amiable opportunities to take part in service. Last year I picked pumpkins, decorated them, and delivered them to some friends in the nursing home. Another event I took part in was a rake and run. The rake and run was an event that required us all to gather in cars and drive to homes that were owned by elderly or