Essay on Defining A Local Problem

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Oak Cliff is district in Dallas, TX that remains a distinct identity because it was once a separate town located in Dallas County. Mostly everyone parks their vehicle in the driveway, garage, etc. However, there are other people that insist on parking their vehicles on top of their lawns disregarding that it is against code compliance. This isn’t just a problem locally, it is more widespread. People fail to realize that “it is a violation to park a vehicle on the lawn” (Code Compliance). If someone in the neighborhood reports this violation, the person will be given a citation. Aside from that, it lowers the value of the neighborhood when vehicles are parked on top of the lawns. Most people envision that every front lawn should be trimmed green and a sufficiently watered area so when they see lawns that aren’t meeting their standards they take it upon there self to contact code compliance. Oak Cliff, along with other communities in Dallas County are part of “some local ordinances that prohibit such things as parking on one’s front lawn” (Lawnscape: semiotics of space, spectacle, and ownership 447). Homeowners use their front lawns to their purpose to convey a message which a spectator will receive or reject. Those homeowners are the ones that have the problem with others disobliging code compliance in regards to their front lawn. It becomes a problem when all the neighborhood, except for one has a lawn that is weedy or overgrown. Vehicles parked on lawns isn’t only a local problem, “other communities face similar situations, including Clayton, North Carolina, and Rock Hill, South Carolina” (Junk Car Clash 532). “Legal changes have helped reduce” the parked vehicles on lawns in the problematic areas (Junk Car Clash 532). All throughout the nation people fail to comply with the code compliance. Enforcement on parking has