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Corey Jones Definition Prof. Jarred C. Warrick March 24, 2015

Question: Why is there a hole in the ceiling of AT&T stadium? Answer: So God can watch his favorite team play!

What is the definition of a TRUE Dallas Cowboys fan? It’s quite simple. One who bleeds silver and blue, not literally but figuratively, believe within our hearts that next year will always be our year, and know the proud history and heritage of Dallas Cowboys football. I myself am one of many whom are scattered globally and represent “America’s Team” whenever given the opportunity.

Hate is a strong word! I hate the Washington Redskins. From their racist logo to their annoying over the hill marching band draped in the putrid burgundy and gold colors. YUCK! To bleed blue and silver your love for the hatred of the Washington Redskins is a must. This hatred stems from the 60’s. John F. Kennedy our 35th President was assassinated in Dallas Texas. With an event so devastating happening the Dallas Cowboys took the field against the Cleveland Browns on the 24th of November only two days after the assassination took place. Some believe this was the event that sparked the beginning of the rivalry. With the expansion of the league over years and the introduction of divisions within the National and American Conferences, Dallas and Washington were placed in the same division. They are absolutely our division rivals. Why “Deadskins” fans don’t show the same disdain towards the Cleveland Browns organization is beyond me and no one seems to have an answer, but we gladly take on their mediocre franchises challenges twice a year. To date the rivalry’s record after 110 meetings is 65-43-2 with Dallas leading. As a Dallas fan there’s no question to your whereabouts on game day, draft day and during the Rookie combine. You are usually in front of a television cheering on our beloved franchise. To speak ill of Dallas Cowboys football is almost equal to speaking bad of America. It’s not tolerable and almost communistic.

After being one of the NFL’s most dominant teams in the 70’s and 90’s Cowboys fans are “accustomed” to winning. The 1980’s brought about a mediocre streak that ended in a 1-15 season. Soon after our Hall of Fame coach, Owner and General Manager were replaced Dallas returned to excellence. Winning 3 Superbowls in 5 years and not having the same results going on 20 years keeps fans optimistic for the days of old. We’ve seen amazing players come and go. We’ve seen teams that have been in contention to return to glory only to be chopped down by fumbles, free agency and as to date horrible officiating. Next year is either our year or we are headed in the right direction this is a staple of belief all Cowboys fans carry. To be a Cowboys fan you have to believe. In the writers opinion Dallas has to sure up the Cornerback and Free Safety positions. The lack of pass rushing was detrimental to Dallas’ success. Dallas has an identity now as a running team. Even though we’ve changed running back I believe that the moves made in free agency and the crop of running backs available via the draft will erase the notion that Dallas won’t be able to run with dominance as we did the year prior.

Any Dallas fan from any era can spout of to you the numerous Hall of Fame, Pro