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Why do some marriages end in divorce and split a family apart
Margery Tachera
Definition Essay
English Composition 106
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In today’s society many family marriages end up in divorce. There are many different reasons why this happens and it is never easy to go through especially when there are young children involved. Sometimes the adults do not think about the affects it has on the children and how the children feel when their parents end up getting divorced. Although some may think it is better to try and work things out between them before they go through the divorce process it don’t always work out for the better in most cases it could end worse than what they expected. Even in today’s society divorce in a family takes a toll on the emotions of everyone involved, another reason that is they no longer get along with each other, also there is when on spouse cheats on the other one.

Emotional toll a divorce takes on the kids is tremendous and very hard for kids to understand why the divorce is taking place. They wonder what is going to happen to them and who are they going to live with when the divorce comes about. Sometimes they are able to choose which parent they want to live with depending on the kid’s age. Then there are times when one parent influences the child’s decision by telling them bad things against the other parent and eventually it takes a toll on the child’s emotions. Especially when they are told one thing and then the other parent turns around and starts to treat them bad which in turns makes the child feel unloved and not wanted by that parent.

Another reason that marriages end in divorce is because the parents are no longer in love with each other also because they are always arguing and fighting about every little thing. When they can no longer take the arguing and fighting anymore it just seems like there is no other option except to get a divorce. They even try to go to counseling to see if that will help them work through their problems. When that does not work and they tried everything that they could think of to try and save their marriage then the only other option is to get a divorce.

Although another reason that marriages fail is because one spouse ends up cheating on the