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Impaired Values According to the free online,impaired means functioning poorly or incompetently and values mean a principle, standard, or quality conciedered worthwhile or desireable. In todays society of my neighborhood there are impaired values that are a neccessity in the community, these principles are the foundation to humen ethics. Without values our society can fall victim and loose awareness of our identity. I live in a neighborhood full of single parents with 2 or more children. I step outside and see kids almost get hit by cars by not paying attention. But the parents aren’t outside either to monitor their children. So do parents really care? I was shopping at ross the other day and a mother told her child to shut the f up! and she went on about if you dont be quite i am going to whoop your ass. Now the mother have had to been talked to like this from her own parents or family. Thats pretty dysfuntional. I also have a friend that has a family that talks to eachother in any kind of way. Its crazy i couldnt believe how they would talk to eachother and the way they treat eachother are as if they were people on the streets that you didnt like or know. No respect for eachother. This is carried on to generation to generation in dysfuntional familys lack of values are bieng taught to children. We shouldnt be raising criminals, instead we need empower our children to be the best person they could be towards society because mama and papa will not always be there.Us as mothers must instill the good values and teach our children the way of life without deterrence. Morals and values are important to human society. They are the key tools to success in life. It answers the questions “What do I do? Or how should I do this?” The right and wrong on human endeavors.
Life is a process of self-sustaining and self-generating action. Life requires action and actions require value. So that you can live your life successfully and be happy. You got to learn which values to hold and how to achieve them and have some moral standards.
For example us as a living being there is one primary choice that is to live or not, so we have the option whether to engage the action required to further our own life or to engage in action that will destroy your life. We always have a premoral choice and choosing life is your value. It cannot be judged right or wrong. Once you have chosen your pre moral choice you have now set the role for yourself to live the best life possible.
Ok everyone knows life is important we all protect our lives because we care for it. Important values need to be built to bring about positive changes to society that we all need. There are a few values that are most important in life to me. These values are good habits that are contagious. They are passed down through generations in your families.
First value Empathy. I think is the most important one. We need to be able to accept others for who they are and not what they can do for us. Should stop concentrating on how we can reduce compitition and focus on how we can grow together. Ever heard this saying The day we stopped fighting for each other we stopped being humans. We should never be this way.
2nd value mutual respect. It’s pretty clear we