Definition Essay: Cultural Differences

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Culture is an interesting subject across The world, it defines who you are, it can lead to many fascinating journeys. Culture can lead to the ideas you have, you plan on acting upon, the lifestyles you go by, who you hang out with, what you eat, and many more. When we are asked about our culture, we ponder and ask, "What do I know about it?". With the large variety of different ones out there, it's hard to determine which one we come from, other cultures breed with others, meaning we all have a different type of culture or a mixture. the only way we can really figure out about this part of ourselves, we go to relatives and try to get info on our past. they are our only source of discovering our real self and heritage. When asking a relative …show more content…
Both celebrate holidays the same way, lots of food, fireworks, gatherings and special clothing. one holiday that's close to being similar to the American culture is known as "Cinco de Mayo" celebrated on May fifth. It's to celebrate a battle won against the French. Commonly and often mistaken as an independence day like Americas "4th of July". Both Started with a battle, Both with finishing victorious with their conflicted battles, with the difference of Americas battle was symbolizing their independence from Great Britain's grasp or reign. While both are similar, they have their differences, While the Fourth of July is celebrated all through-out America.In the Spanish culture, Cinco de Mayo, It is only celebrated by a small handful in Spanish speaking areas. To add on, another holiday that's celebrated by both is Halloween. Halloween is often a time for dressing up in outfits and eating candy and telling ghost stories. In America, the original meaning has gone away and is commonly only celebrated for candy and costumes ( younger generations). With Latin Americans or Spanish beings, it's a three day event," Halloween" "Day of the Dead" and "All Souls' Day" , with the purpose of celebrating by welcoming the dead back to their home( with younger generations it's starting to lose its original purpose). Too put it in another way, the holidays are similar to Americas and can be celebrated the same