Definition Essay-Fat Is Where It's At

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Fat Is Where It’s At Sometimes words can sting like a knife, cutting a person deeper than a skin wound. The effects of people using their tongue can become something different than just a word. It can become a permanent scar. Fat is a word that has a few different meanings, but using it as a derogatory term has a devastating impact on the soul of the person it was used against. Fat defines the weight and body shape of a person; the slang form, “phat”, classifies something to be attractive or up-to-date, and in many parts of the world fat insinuates a person to be prosperous and having an abundance. Obese or overweight as stated by formally defines the word fat. Using this word to describe people, whether to their face or behind their backs, can have a devastating impact on their emotional state. Feelings can’t be seen or touched like a physical scar, but scarring to the emotional state can define who they become. Most of the time people do …show more content…
Although not spelled the same, phat in slang form states something being up-to-date or attractive in description. The attractiveness of a woman is often demonstrated using the word phat. The attraction to a particular brand of clothing, car and musician is often classified as phat in the slang world. Phat is being used commonly by the hip hop industry and rap musicians to describe all kinds of items, places, or even a person in songs today. The very voluptuous backside of a woman is also known as phat in slang. Another well-known way of the new phat is the Phat Fashions line started by Russell Simmons in 1992( Phat Fashions launched two now well-known urban wear brands. For men, the Phat Farm collection was created, and for women, the Baby Phat brand was created. The spelling was changed to make this word different not only in appearance but also in classification of its meaning in today’s slang