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Brittany Smith
Professor A. Boumarate
ENC1101 / CRN#155555
30 September 2014
As a little girl growing up I remember sitting next to my grandma on the couch late at night in silence, just watching her as she sewed. She made blankets, patched holes in jeans, even occasionally hemmed my older sister’s long pants. I will never forget the way she weaved that tiny needle in and out, with every stitch evenly spaced, making sure not to prick her fingers. Too often it seems that children are raised in a household with a nanny, because both parents are gone weekdays, spending countless hours making money instead of creating valued memories with time that cannot be replaced or given back. Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Value can be defined or viewed through a monetary or sentimental sense but, as a whole, value is a quality found in everything. Measure of value is most often important in one’s support, time, and life.
As humans, we live day to day with the constant changing of feelings and moods. We fear failure and often find great value in the support of others. As children we are supported by our parents as they put a roof over our heads and food on the table every night. They support us through school, buying our lunches, paying for school field trips, and even taking us out to movies on the weekends. Another type of support is when our parents take us for a shopping spree at the mall. In this sense, what we value is their monetary support. Looking back, what was really important was the support which we turned a blind eye to -- that which was intangible. Every weekend at tournaments, my mom stood on the sidelines, keeping the scorebook for my team, inching forward with every pitch. The nights my sister encouraged me to move away from home to find success as an individual in college, and even my “On the Ball Lucy” nickname given to me by my elementary schoolteacher; sentimental support is what I find most valuable in my life.
Most mornings we wake up in a rush to make breakfast, gulp down our coffee, barely having time to breathe in the fresh morning’s air. We brush by random strangers on the street stopped in conversation, roll our eyes thinking how nice it would be if we had that kind of free time. Clocking in at work, we finally feel as if we’ve begun our day. In a job, professionals find their time valuable in worth in a production sense by how qualified or knowledgeable they perceive themselves. To me, time is much more valuable than simply something that can be paid off. Time is priceless, but unfortunately one of the least valued things. Time is something that cannot be replaced or given back. Once it has elapsed, it is gone for eternity. If people in today’s society grasped this concept, they would spend less time at work collecting dollars and more time at home with families collecting memories; something that brings even