Definition Essay: Happiness Is A State Of Mind

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Happiness is a state of mind which takes control of a person’s emotions depending on the occasion one is experiencing or the situation one is involved in. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of happiness is a state of well-being and contentment. Which in my opinion can be accomplished by assets acquired during a period of time. Money, jobs, and relationships are all examples of fulfillments that affect an individual’s way of thinking. Happiness is expressed differently depending on what kind of mood or stage in life an individual is experiencing. If a person feels tired or sad the happy state of mind is never going to occur. No person will ever feel happy if all they’re going through is rough times. On the other hand, enjoyable atmospheres spent with pleasant people will commonly bring out joy in someone pretty rapidly. Having a good time with friends and loved ones will increase a person’s contentment level instantaneously. Emotions control an individual’s state of mind, therefore the better someone is doing in life the happier they …show more content…
The term money can’t buy happiness is always used in vain. Most commonly used by individuals who don’t have large quantities of currency. Sure money can’t buy happiness, but it can sure help obtain it. Being well financially structured can boost a person’s state of mind to feel secure and content. Having the peace of mind and knowing a purchase is obtainable is a tremendous satisfactory feeling. Rich people purchasing expensive sports cars and traveling to luxurious vacations are never seen sad or in grief. This is because a rich person’s state of mind is experience unconditional happiness during the enjoyment of what their money obtained them. Sometimes it seems that our whole culture is based on material acquisitions. (791) Quite frankly, there is no denying purchase of goods brings out explicit happiness in