Definition Essay: How Does Success Define Us?

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How does success define us? Is it the way we were born? Is it our family? Or your hard work and dedication? To me success can be understood in many different ways. As Gladwell saw that when someone is born in a successful family or even a rich, just because you have it in your blood, you are getting assured greatness, but on the other hand I might also think that if you work enough you will be able to reach whatever heights that you want. With hard work and dedication nothing is impossible. Definitely our culture has its own pressures, and sometimes they might hold us back from flying high, because of traditions and customs. Also some people say that reaching a certain type of stability means success, like being a wife or a husband, helping other people while maintaining a great life, but for me, I don’t think I’ll reach success, because every time a succeed at something, it is time to move on and look for …show more content…
Some people avoid this route and immediately go to a four year university, but some other student like me have ventured to community colleges, they have a lot of pros, like smaller class sizes, more one on one time with your professors, and a great sense of community. Bigger universities are not my forte, all I see is the cons in those universities, bigger class sizes, and they make me feel out of touch with my studies. Another thing that helped me be more successful is to have a job coincide with school, they mixture of both made me better at time management, also made me more aware of all the hard work that our teacher put into their work once they come into class. I go to Mount San Jacinto College, and they are one of the most respected schools in the Inland Empire, and for me, my college has offered me all the things that would make a successful individual, like their learning center in library, which they also help me with this essay to be successful