Definition Essay: My Divine Space

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The definition of divine is “extremely good.” The meaning of space, in this case, is an area such as a car, train, plane, room, house, or somewhere in the great outdoors. When united, a ‘divine space’ is an extremely good car, train, plane, room, house, or somewhere in the great outdoors. Everybody has a divine space of their own; though they might not realize it. Some people might even have more than one. My divine space is old, rusty, and needs way too many repairs. My divine space is my barn.

I use the word “my” as if it belongs to me, even though it doesn’t. The barn actually belongs to my grandparents who live right outside of San Marcos, Texas. Ever since I was little, the barn has been a safe place for me. When I stayed at Pitchfork, that’s what my grandmother calls the property, I always got to help with barn chores.

I would help feed the animals. In the morning feedings, I would visit with the barn cat Ryzo, toss corn to the deer, and pick up hay that fell onto the ground and give it to the horses that I attempted to pet regularly. In the article, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard states ¨I remember hauling water from it (the river) in milk jugs on our horses.¨ Even though I didn’t carry water in milk jugs, I helped get our horses water. My grandfather would turn on the water and I would keep an eye on
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If it was to be destroyed for no apparent reason, I would fight for it. “Why would you fight for it? It’s just a barn, nothing special about it.” you might say. Well here is my question to you: “Would you fight for something that held many memories?” In the article, “Why the Founder of Standing Rock Sioux Camp Can’t Forget the Whitestone Massacre”, the author states “This river holds the story of my entire life.” If that sentence doesn't illustrate how I feel about the barn, then I have no idea what