Definition Essay: The American Dream

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My sister hates to run. The only time you will find my sister running willingly is if she is being chased by an axe murderer, or if she is running to her room to take a nap. It is not that she is physically incapable, but without any form of motivation, she would not put on her sneakers and happily go for a jog. However, she does run from third base to home plate in softball, because she knows if she does the scoreboard will reflect her efforts. She does run from midfield to the goal when she knows that her teammate on the soccer team is about to pass her the ball, and she could have the game winning goal. My sister will not run on her own, because she sees no benefit in running endlessly without purpose. She will run when the reward is evident …show more content…
American wealth is measured in money, and money is measured in cars, homes, and stuff. The more stuff a person has, the wealthier a person is. Goff disagrees. She says that the original definition of the American Dream, a phrase coined by historian James Truslow Adams in 1931, dreamt of a land fuller and richer for everyone, one that created opportunity for all and was not based on cars and homes but on a social order where all were recognized by other for what they are regardless of birth and position. She explains that although the ideals of the people were lost for a while, stuck on defining the American Dream as marriage, children, and homes, Millennials today are beginning to define a successful career as a sense of meaning. Goff is hopeful in her definition that Americans are now moving away from defining the American Dream financially, to defining it personally. This version of the American Dream is clearly ideal. It should be that every person is moving past the restriction of a financial goal, and moving towards happiness and success in themselves. But this will never be true for America as a whole. America is a land of prosperity, more now than ever. Technology is constant and ever-changing, teenagers are judged if they do not have the newest edition of the iPhone, and television commercials are filled with the newest attractions. As a country that has so much access to new and improved technology, success will always be defined by the attainment of those