Definition Essay: The True Meaning Of Happiness

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Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. president declares that, “Humans believe that happiness comes with wealth and security.” Happiness is a broad subject to talk about, considering there are roughly 7.4 billion people on earth that all have a different approach to what they believe the true meaning of happiness is. When the question came up for me, I couldn’t determine what the true meaning of happiness meant, that wasn’t a materialized object like a cellphone, laptop or money. True happiness can be achieved by love, determination and faith. Life is full of potential happiness, most of society does not recognize true happiness, as the result of how the little things like cute puppies or cars make us feel. Our happiness is comparable to a blueprint, …show more content…
Agape is the type of love that is an unconditional pure love that only family members and God can provide. This love can never be broken by greed or hate, this makes us truly joyful because sacrifice comes with pure love, Jesus had Agape love for us and sacrificed himself for our sins. The second type of love is philia, which is a love between friends, having people who appreciate being around you and who trust you is an amazing feeling. Humans seek this love, to not feel alone or excluded. Having friends is a potential happiness, although its those who impact your life greatly that makes true happiness appear. The second topic of true happiness is determination, having determination brings true happiness when working hard for something you believe in, for example, getting excellent grades or a highly successful paying job. When achieving goals that is being created by our own feelings it makes us truly contented. Our philosopher John Locke, Saint Jude and 3rd president Thomas Jefferson all have strong determination in their life that made them as successful as we claim them to be. Not only having faith in yourself and in others brings happiness, on the other hand it is also spiritual faith that brings true happiness in our lives. By a study it is proven that people who believe in a higher power like God and who are spiritually religious achieve happiness quicker and have improved emotional health (less depression, stress and sadness) than people who don’t have a faith based