Definition Of Against Work

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During the class, the professor provided plenty of information and assignments for us. Because of this, I believe that I improve my English skills not only on the critical reading but also on the critical writing; by means of these two abilities, this week, I can utilize them on the paper included the content of analyzing the article “Against Work”. Consequently, in this paper, there are plenty of definitions of the article “Against Work” will be described as follows.

To begin with, the article “Against Work” was wrote by Christopher Clausen, according to the topic, it quite obvious that the content of the article is concerned with the idea of not working. Consequently, the author utilizes a number of examples, describing the reason,
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And the author offers plenty of questions in order to raise another argument that people are more likely to play if they do not require to work; however, people who work at the high level occupations may hold the ideas differ from the normal people, they are willing to enhance themselves so that they will get more stress and tedium than other served in the normal occupations (Clausen 122). In the paragraph eight, the author mentions a conception of people might alter all with the time, Americans prefer to get the pleasure since pursuing pleasure can also become a form of work in the twenty-first century (Clausen 122).

Although the author takes his experience as an example in the article, I consider that some experience are less likely to offer the readers with the useful opinion, because the author puts too much attention on the his working condition and the basement under the Heart Institute, these experience might provide us the conception that some work is extremely boring or wasting time but it seems that this information is useless in here (Clausen 122-3). After that, the author discusses the phenomenon, some people boast that they prefer to work rather than have the vacation; nevertheless, it cannot be denied that it is impossible (Clausen 124). The author mentions that making people look their work as duty and pleasure can let people do their best in a long period, he take the two