Definition Of Art

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Dustin McKenzie

Everyone has their take on what art means to them and what makes something “art”. My definition for art is anything that someone creates; whether it be to show emotion, show creativity, and even send a message or it could have been made to be on display for people to appreciate, show off beauty, or stir conversation.
After looking at all of the images that were on the slides I have come up with the conclusion that all of the images are works of art based on my definition. The statue of David is a true art of beauty and shows off the capabilities that people have. The Cave Paintings at Lascaux is a form of art by that it is a painting of animals. It shows off what kind of animals were around at that time period. The Marcel Duchamp Fountain has meaning to it and is on display and showed to anyone that is by. The Notre Dame is a cathedral in Paris and it is a true work of art and beauty. The whole building is gorgeous inside and out. Many appreciate the beauty and details this building has to offer. Robert Crumbs Mr. Natural is a cartoon that’s made to maybe prove a point or stir up conservation. The Pyramids was a huge architecture accomplishment for the time period. Nearly everyone that has seen them are amazed by them. Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog is a golden colored statue of a balloon animal. Balloon animals in general are creative ways of using a balloon. Its art because it shows off the creativeness balloons have to offer. Conversion of Paul