Definition Of Happiness Essay

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If one defines happiness, it can be seen as a state of life in which you feel pleased with everything. It is a 'feel good' thing. The other feelings associated with happiness are contentment, love, delight, safety, sexual pleasure and utter joy. There are many things that bring this sort of momentary happiness. These include things like winning a lottery, harmony in personal relationship, a trip you are looking forward to, a new promotion - the list is endless.

Isn't happiness a much better option than the feelings of hatred, pain, suffering, sorrow and disharmony? In fact, it is important that every person should experience happiness in their life rather than these negative feelings.

Some psychologists have actually found a solution to achieve this goal of happiness. It is in the form of a formula that has to be
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You can find complete contentment and happiness if you are doing something that you really want to do. However, upon being forced to do something that doesn't hold your interest, you will be unhappy. All these elements give meaning to your life. When you have the feeling that your existence is valued by the people around you and that you belong in this world, your life will become more meaningful and enjoyable.

When you start appreciating your life and the lives of other people around you, you will experience the feeling of genuine and absolute happiness. Happiness is not just all about you, and neither does it arise from being perfect in front of other people.

Often, people are very conscious about how they should behave or what they should do, because of the expectations of the people around them, or the society. Unhappiness often stems from this fact. Happiness essentially refers to respecting and loving one's own self and others. When you are able to strike this balance in life and are able to be at peace in your heart, you definitely can and will attain your goal of