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Description Investment
In the financial sense investments include the purchase of bonds, stocks or real estate property. We investment stocks and options. The stock market itself is basically a daily referendum on the value of the companies that trade there. Earnings are the supreme measure of value as far as the market is concerned. The market rewards both fast earnings growth and stable earnings growth. While history shows that stocks will rise given the fullness of time, there are no guarantees -- especially when it comes to individual stocks. Unlike a bond, which promises a payout at the end of a specified period plus interest along the way, the only assured return from a stock is if it appreciates on the open market. When we buy some stocks, we will looking for their hidden value. These companies may have been beaten down in price because of some bad event, or may be in an industry that's looked down upon by most investors. For example, we invest in stocks to Apple, Google, Alibaba, Talisman energy, Canadian oil sands, Potash corporation of Saskatchewan, Sina, General motors, Pier 1 imports, when we invest in Apple, the IPHONE 6 and IPHONE 6plus just come out, we did take the best timing to buy Apple and earn money from it. We thought this is a good chance to gain, we bought 100 stocks at 101.33 for Apple, two month later, we sold the Apple at 108.74 and we make a profit from Apple for 1100.53.Our dramatically stocks is Alibaba. It makes a profit for us. The Alibaba