Definition of Leadership Essay

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Definition of Leadership
My definition of leadership comes from ones morals. It takes a person with maturity and who is ready for the responsibility. Although leadership does not form overnight, I do believe that a person who feels ready to take on leadership mindset changes to become a leader. I feel that once a person starts thinking and taking control of anyone and everything outside of themselves, they’ve taken on the responsibility of leadership.
I believe that I am a born leader because of tragedies I have overcome and how my attitude and character has matured to want to reach out to others. When I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of six, I was able to mirror my journey with many other children who never had hope. I also feel that leadership can be learned. It’s almost as if we were all taught to lead at some point in our lives because of our elders teaching us to lead or be the best for others to soon follow. Most of us actually strive to be the prime example of some great accomplishment. That right there is showing leadership, especially if there are those wanting to achieve leadership in making an astonishing change within society.
An effective leader is someone whose leadership strategies have an effect on others. An effective leader will notice more people who take notice and gradually gain a platform. An effective leader actually has and can witness a change in the people that he or she has impacted. I do believe that it is necessary for someone looking into leadership to have charisma in order for people to believe in them. A leader needs to be able to have a personal connection with each person that they would like to impact.
There are many different ways a person can