Essay about Definition of Love

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Love. L.uh.vuh. What is that? The Webster dictionary defines it as ‘a passionate affection for one of the opposite sex.’ says it’s ‘a warm personal attachment or deep affection for one.’ These definitions abdicate much room for altercations. They only scratch the surface on an unknown world of the actual meaning. As one who has seen the many faces of love, I feel the need to cast light upon it to all the people whom use it wrong for it is a foreign concept to all. Throughout the years, industries, as well as the everyday common person had warped love into more than one meaning. McDonalds has been advertising for years ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ And Subaru has showcased ‘Love, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru.’ Not to mention the billions of people who walk by department stores everyday and say ‘I love that.’ It has become inconceivable to some that ‘liking something very much’, is just not enough. They had to broaden their liking of something to make it better. And over time it lost its meaning. Or the men and women who tell their significant other who they are attracted to, that they love them. When really, they just like them very much. And so, it is not the garnish to a perfect meal. No, love is not greasy, foreign, fake, overly processed, diseased, artery clogging food, nor is it a fancy shmancy car you ride in. Love is not a must have pair of kicks, or a faboo diamond necklace. It is not a cute girl you pass by in the hall, or a skateboard you ride everyday. Love is strange, love is cruel, love is amazing, and without it, the world would not go around.