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Children have been going to school for years and years now. The school that people think of and what it really is today has changed completely. When school comes to mind you think of kids going to school and getting an education. The safety of your children and knowing that they could go to school and you would be able to see them again when they return home. I am sure that every parent dreams of there child going to school and someday graduating and going onto college to make a better life for themselves. Another is drugs, I bet those were not big in schools twenty years ago. Well now the definiton of school has completely changed and nothing is the same. Now in schools there is a high rate of crime and drugs. Kids are doing drugs in school at such a young age now. I graduated in 2009 and I remember kids getting busted for some of the most stuipd things that you could ever think of. Kids were “snorting” house hold chemicals or even super glue to get a high, then they would bring it into school and get other students to try it in the bathrooms on breaks or at lunch. You also have the typical drugs like marijua and perscription pain killers are being brought to school by student who are even as young as the seventh grade. Kids are also bringing alcohol to school and trying to drink it throughout the day and sharing with other children. The drugs and drinking in the public school systems has changed so much. Now schools are having to do random lock downs and bringing in police dogs and having the school searched for all of the substances in the school. I tell my parents about what I saw in school and they never ever thought of that happening and said how much school has changed in the twenty years they have been out of school. Bullying has always happened in school but now it has come to an all time high. Kids are getting bullied so bad that children are now taking matters into there own hands, not being able to get the help that they need and taking there own lives because of kids at school. Also they would take matters into their own hands in a different way and bring weapons to school and try and kill the other student or students who are bullying them. I know that when I went to school students always just wanted to fight and coming from a good quite community I still could not believe that this was happening. The family of a Flour Bluff teen who killed himself after being bullied will never be able to see their son graduate. They say its only brought more painful memories of what Teddy Molina experienced before his death. Teddy shot and killed himself April 1, 2012, just one month after he withdrew from the Flour Bluff School District because of bullying . Since then, his family has been advocating awareness on bullying (Reyes). They found some letters written by Teddy talking about the bullying they blame on their son's death.
Kids are mean and now with all of the stigmas you have out in society today it is making kids crazy. If you come to school and you are not up to date on the latest trends and what is cool you are profiled by all the other students. In school you have many different groups like cool kids, jocks, nerds, band geeks, theatre group and all sorts of other groups and if you don’t fit into that group they just completely ignore everyone outside of the groups. I know that these types of groups have always been in high schoo,l but the attitudes have changed and the actions. Now they are bullying other people who are not part of there group and a life ends up having to be taken, something that people would never think would happen. Schools now are trying to educate students and staff on bullying and what to be able to do if you see bullying or the one being bullied. Some of the activies now to show students about this issue is internet research to look up the different types of bullying, how to prevent it, and show kids how to be able to respond. Presentations are now given in school such as role