Definition of the Word Trade Essay

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Definition of the Word Trade
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The word trade is such a commonly used word in the world with a huge role behind it. Trade in today’s world can mean multiple things with several meanings. Most of its meanings usually have something to do with a certain skill or a specially trained occupation. For example, a skilled farmer who has grown up farming would have learned his trade from his father and his father from his father and so on. A trade is someone’s way of life, the way they make a living. Then another way, the word trade is used in almost all parts of the world, is with common exchange. A farmer would have used his skills for growing food then he would take his goods to town to “trade” for other supplies. The word trade carries with it a very important role for how everyday life happens around us that we simply take for advantage. We make trades in everyday life and have done so for as long as we have existed. Most people think of a trade as just a simple common exchange of an item or service from one person to another. A trade can also be meant in the terms of a career or a skilled job. A trade is commonly pasted down from within a family, from one generation to another. The first meaning of “Trade” is the exchange of your own goods for another type of goods that they may need more than the ones they already possess. For example, if we as human beings would have not learned to trade between one another and take advantage of one another’s skills we would have not survived. Back in settler times if people were not able to trade services such as cleaning someone house for room and board many people would have been homeless or died from exposure. Another example is with a hunter they would hunt and kill an animal then use the meat to trade for medicine, clothes, or bullets. Sometimes, these exchanges could also consist of another form of payment on top of the offer itself. For instance the shop that traded for the meat would then make a soup and sell the soup for a profit.
The second meaning of “Trade” is as in the terms of a special skill or job. The word trade itself comes from the word “tread” which translates as, to tread a path, meaning to occupy oneself in or with something. A trade also can be learned without being around it your whole life, by learning the skills and apply yourself to be productive and successful. A trade can be a special skillset that can be made up of many of things and also many different jobs such as a…