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The True Meaning of a Lady In earlier times the term lady was used as a form of address the wife or widow of a baron or lord. However, that is not the case anymore. Being a lady is more than just being a wife of a lord or staying home and tending to children and housework. It is more than just a dress and high heels. My definition of a lady is a woman who is classy, caring, characteristic, and confident. It takes skill to be a lady that not every woman has. It’s obvious that classiness is huge when being a lady. Being a lady without class is like being a car without wheels, it just doesn’t roll. A lady always carries herself with class and takes pride in what she wears. Whether she has on sweat pants and a hoody or a fancy dress, a lady should strut what she is wearing with confidence and pride. She should know that she looks beautiful in whatever she has on and should not be ashamed to show it. A lady’s dress says a lot but the way that she owns her outfit says even more. However, a lady’s style is not just about the clothes that she wears but it’s also about her originality and uniqueness as well. A lady sets her own trends and is a leader not a follower. She shows her style by being a classic, one of a kind original with elegance and grace. A lady also has to be classy in the way that she handles certain situations as well. She should always have self control. If someone makes her mad and she happens to cuss them up one side and down the other, she should still have self control in doing so. If a lady snaps on a person she should have the ability to tell that person off one minute and regain her composure the next. A lady is always in control. She should also never be afraid to speak her mind about certain things but should also think before she speaks. A lady might not always say the sweetest things but she should still keep a manner of some class and self control. Class says a lot when it comes to being a lady. Caring about what others think about you takes a whole bunch of energy and time that you don’t have. This is why a lady should not care about what anyone thinks. A lady should care about her own opinion of herself. As long as she is happy with herself, she should accept herself just the way she is. She shouldn’t care about what others think about her because their opinion really doesn’t matter and at the end of the day you are the one who has to live with yourself, not them. A lady knows that people will talk bad about her whether she is doing bad or good, so she shouldn’t waste her time trying to please them but should only care about the number one opinion, hers. She shouldn’t fall into being a puppet and trying to be what society expects her to be.
A lady also cares about the way she acts. She should act the same out in public as she does behind closed doors. A lady should always be herself no matter what. Again, she shouldn’t care about what others think because she should be rooted and grounded in who she is. If she wants to randomly break out dancing and doing the funky chicken in the middle of Wal-Mart then she should go for it. Worrying about what others say should be the last thing on her mind. She should be strong minded about herself and no one should be able to take the confidence and love that she has for herself away. A lady should always care but only about the things that really matter. Character says a lot about a lady. Good character is reflected when a lady talks and interacts with other people. Her uniqueness, originality, morals, and values set up her character, so she should know the importance and quality of good morals. A lady’s character tells who she is and what all she stands for and believes in. It’s important for a lady to have good character because her character can determine her success in life. Having a positive outlook on life and being able to dodge the curve ball that life throws can really help a lady overcome the challenges of life. By being persistent,