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fGina Stephens
Professor Irwin, Glen
Communications I, II, Introduction to Literature
06 May 2013
Definition Paper
Beauty is defined by a combination of qualities present in a thing or person that pleases the aesthetic senses or brings about emotional satisfaction. Many people believe beauty describes a person’s outward appearance. Although a person’s outward appearance can be defined by the personal preferences. True beauty lies in the way a person acts and thinks rather than the way they’re outward appearance. The term beauty is subjective. Today, so much emphasis is placed on a person’s physical appearance that they completely ignore or overlook ones attractiveness personality. Beauty can define a person’s heart and personality. It can describe an inspiring view, or it can explain a person’s actions. It is also true that a person’s appearance can be described as beautiful as well, but that is only part of the definition of beauty. . True beauty, or inner beauty, is felt within the heart and not just seen thru the eyes. Mrs. Patrice Turner was one individual that exemplified “total beauty”. The way she spoke to other with a mellow and care free tone touched many people, although she did not begin with total beauty. Her circumstance transformed her. She was gifted with natural beauty being that she never needed to wear a girdle nor make-up. How lucky she was to have a perfect hour glass shape with even toned caramel skin. Her hair felt like long black silk that had been curled on the ends perfectly. Her shoe size was even perfect. She wore a size seven shoe, which meant she never had trouble finding shoes anywhere. From what I was told she was a tomb boy growing up, but had the sway and body of the popular homecoming queen. The young men adored her until her husband swept her off her feet. He too was kind and attractive. Mrs. Turner was wealthy and completely happy with her life as far as what outsiders could see. She lived what seem like a woman’s dream. Mrs. Turner had a beautiful home, son and daughter, and lastly a wonderful husband. Although Mrs. Turner seemed perfect and beautiful from the outside, she had endured much more ugliness than we could have ever imagined! Mr. Turner was very fond of his wife, but also was fond of the many other women and didn’t seem to hide it. He was a jealous fellow that would attack his wife both verbally and physically if he felt another man was interested in her. Her life was in shambles because her marriage was falling part, but couldn’t she do about it. Everything was in her husband’s name and was under his control. After years of stress and enduring this dysfunctional marriage, but portraying to others as a “happily ever after” Mrs. Turner had fallen ill. She was told by the doctors that she was terminally ill and only had three months to live. Depression seemed to fill her heart and soul. She felt that she had been a failure to her children, because of what they had been exposed to. They watched their father constantly disrespect and belittle her even in her ill state. She had begun to hallucinate about talk to her childhood friend that passed away when she was only seven years old. She had become frail and immobile in her bed. Her long beautiful hair had fallen out and left a blotchy bald scalp. Her once even toned caramel skin had turned gray and spotted. No one believed she would live so her husband had begun planning her funeral as he waited for her three months to bring death. Until, one night an angel appeared in her dream and asked her if this was the life that she wanted her children to remember. She replied no, and asked if she could live a