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George Ofori
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Definition Essay
Nowadays you turn on the TV and switch to a news channel or you open a newspaper and I bet you hear the word “patriot” at least five to six times. Politicians of all countries even use this word to evaluate the honesty and loyalty of its citizens. It is obvious that most people misunderstand or simply does not know the definition of the word. So who is a patriot? According to most people, the first definition that comes to mind when they come across or hear the word “patriot” is an attention seeker or the name of the famous American Football team the New England Patriots. But according to a patriot is someone who has devoted love, support and defense of their nation, also a patriot can be defined as someone who is very loyal to their country. Therefore this essay is going to emphasize on the definition of a patriot being someone who loves, support and defend their country. For a citizen to be considered a patriot, he or she must support their country. One of the most famous ways of supporting a country is by paying your taxes. Taxes are used to build schools and infrastructures in the country, and used to pay the task forces in the country. For example police, fire department, and teachers. Therefore, paying your taxes does not just help support your country but it also helps protect the country from crime, and it also help build a great future for the young citizens. Another way a citizen can be considered as a patriot is their defense of their country. People in the army are seen as the most patriotic, this is mainly because they protect their country every day of the year. Patriots are proud of where they are from, and love everyone around them whether they are natives of that country or not. An example of love for one’s country is after September 11th, a lot of people showed their love for the United State of America by doing