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Week One Vocabulary Quiz

Define these terms in your own words.
1. Immanent
Means to exist or operate within
2. Religion
The belief and worship of a greater power
3. Theistic
The belief in a God, that there is a ruler and creator of the universe
4. Monotheistic
The belief in one, single God (Christianity)
5. Profane
Can be used to describe something relating to which is not sacred or biblical. Also can be a person or behavior that is not respectful to religious practice.
6. Polytheistic
The belief of many Gods (Hinduism)
7. Monistic
The teaching,of only one essential substance or principle without independent parts
8. Dogma
The teaching and beliefs that is accepted by members of a religious group with out being questioned or doubted.
9. Nontheistic
Not having any belief or involvement with a God or gods.
10. Transcendent
Pertaining to God, means to exist apart from and not limited to the material of the universe itself.
11. Incarnations
The human form of a spirit or human representation of a principle or idea. (Jesus Christ)
12. Soul
The spiritual aspect of an individual, regarded to as immortal.
13. Atheism
Disbelief of the existence of God or gods.
14. Agnosticism
Not being committed to believing in either the existence or nonexistence of God or gods.
15. Rituals
A religious ceremony, which is a series of actions performed. (Lor’s Supper)
16. Symbols
Something that represents or stands for something. (The cross)
17. Myths
A false belief or idea that is widely held, usually a traditional story involving supernatural beings or events.
18. Orthodox
Conforming to what is considered…