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August 1, 2010


Design, innovation, and creativity are used by organizations in order to actualize themselves and be competitive. Innovation outlines product configuration, its progression, and subsequent technical development within the market. In actuality there is the need to discover new methods. On the medical field, for instance, a patient can be monitored by his/her physician even though they can be miles apart from one another. A monitor that provides this type of service is a portable electrocardiogram built into a smartphone case, still under the trial stages, but is an innovative way for companies to expand their horizons and doctors to offer their services. Similar to this monitor are mini-devices used to track people exercise regimens and calories intake count (Hernadez, 2014).
This paper defines and give examples of innovation, design, and creativity, as well as the significance of each in business settings.

Innovation, Design, and Creativity
Innovation help businesses to develop and enhance new and existing products. Creative thinkers implement their techniques to develop new ideas for commercialization with an intent to gain better customer acceptance. Developers are constantly studying and assessing new markets, technological advances, and even the risks involved on the process of implementing new products, ideas, services, or concepts. On the example above, a monitor that allows doctors keep track of their patient’s progress, started with an innovative idea. Followed by the design, and lastly creating the product. The process from innovation to designing and creation is going through many steps before the product is send to the market. These processes are part of strategic and organizational objectives used by all types of companies when implementing new product or even services into the market.
“Design is the process by which information is transformed into a tangible outcome” (Von Stamm, 2008). Once the product’s idea is put into the design mode the creating steps take place and it becomes a concept, once this is revised and tried, it goes to the market. The type of product can be a physical or a non-physical object, like a service or applications. In Microsoft Applications, for instance, the customer downloads the applications into a computer, however, if the customer needs assistance, this can be done remotely or via telephone. The idea is to provide a service the most convenience way to the customer. Companies are always striving to be the best among their competitors, there is when the demand…