Definitions: Poetry and Initial Constant Sounds Essay

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Literature Terms and Definitions
1. Conflict- A struggle between opposing forces.
2. Foreshadowing- A technique to help create suspense, keeping readers wondering about what will happen next.
3. Alliteration- The repetition of initial constant sounds.
4. Dramatic Irony- A contradiction between what a character thinks and what the reader or audience knows to be true.
5. Metaphor- Comparing two things NOT using "like" or "as".
6. Author's Purpose- His or Her main reason for writing.
7. Autobiography- A form of nonfiction in which a writer tells his or her own life story.
8. Narrative Writing- A writing that tells a true story.
9. Persuasive Writing- It tries to convince people to do something.
10. Descriptive Writing- To convey an impression about a person, place, or object.
11. Expository Writing- Gives a information, discusses ideas, or explains a process.
12. Epistolary Novel- A novel made up of a series of letters.
13. First Person Point of View- When the person uses me, I, myself etc.
14. Third Person Point of View- When the person uses she, he, they, them etc.
15. Setting- Where the story takes place.
16. Inference- When you make a guess about something.
17. Theme- The message of the story.
18. Universal Theme- A message about life that could be understood by most cultures.
19. Main Idea- The main reason of the story, poem, or letter etc.
20. Sonnet- A poem made up of 14 lines.
21. Blank Verse- Poetry Written in unrhymed iambic pentameter lines.
22. Couplet- A pair of rhyming lines.
23. Tragedy- A play or story when someone dies in the end.
24. Epic Poem- A