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Definition Essay:
"What is a Hero!!??"

East Ridge Middle School
6th period
By: Noelani Mercer

A hero isn't just a man or a women wearing a flashy, colorful, or spandex outfit, and walking around like their SOOO big and bad with their super powers galore!! Heroes are brave, courageous, caring, and loving. They protects someone or someone, and goes out of their comfort zone. Like go down a trench to save someone who fell, or say a speech that could change the world even if you were nervous about it you became brave enough to go up to that podium and say it any way. Why you ask do super heros and every day REAL LIFE super heros do these things…its because their selfless. They care more about someone else's life, or dignity way more than their own. Thats what a hero is to me…..and thats exactly what were going to be discussing today. Heros of all kinds, what it really means to be a hero, and what makes them heros.

To be a true hero is trying your hardest to complete your quest or journey. No matter what the thing or obstacle that stands in your way or try's to stop you. Like in Mulan when she was in a one on one battle with the leader of the Huns. She probably wasn't thinking about her own safety and life being at stake more so most likely those of her fellow warriors, all of China, and the Emperors. The same thing with Deamonte Love only a 6 year old boy who decided to take in 6 toddlers, but do you think he cared that he was only 6 and was still a child. Not even a teen yet…NO!!! All he cared about was the well being and safety of the children. Examples of a hero are when a hero dedicates his or her self fully to their journey or quest wither it be for their own self gain, or for someone else's. They may even not want to at first but they end up having to wether it be on their own time or not they have to. Like Mulan she was brave enough and courageous enough to go out into a war and fight a battle regardless of being a women. Same thing with Homer he wanted to build rockets. So regardless of what anyone thought of him and wether or not he lost his social life, and respect from his peers. He detected himself to understanding rockets, and on studying and reading up on how to build them. A hero isn't mean, selfish, unhelpful, a villain, or anything of that nature. Like Odysseus or even Martian…