Essay on Degenerative Diseases in the Elderly

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Degenerative Diseases in the Elderly
The Aging Muscle skeletal System
Unit 6 assignment 1
Constance Renee Wooden
ITT Technical Institute

This paper is prepared for Anatomy and Physiology 2530
Taught by Professor Susan Saullo

Osteoporosis is a prevalent chronic disease in the United States and worldwide (Curtis & Monicka, 2012; Curtis & Monicka, 2012) the biggest problem with osteoporosis are fractures. Fractures occur because of bone reabsorption versus bone build up. Remodeling involves the osteoblasts that create new bone and osteoclasts that destroy bone; the process of remodeling to make room for new and stronger bone.
First problem Miss Mary’s case she has osteoporosis at her age 84 years old it is crippling what independence she has left. Miss Mary is managing her degenerative diseases by trying to plan ahead until she can hopefully get some assistance.
Second problem for Miss Mary is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is an inflammation of the cartilages around the joints. The joints mostly affected are the wrist, vertebrae, phalanges, knees and neck. In addition, from the pain and stiffness Miss Mary moves her joint as little as possible which result in some muscle atrophy. Miss Mary suffers throughout the day when she does activities like: shopping, bathing, meal preparation dressing she manages her day with great difficulty.
Shopping- Miss Mary used to shop at least twice a week but now with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis makes standing for long periods or walking far distance impossible .Miss Mary has some degree of kyphosis about 15%she is unable to straighten out her back or use her hand and fingers to reach up to the shelves. Mary compensate for her disability by taking the store flyer mark the items she would like to purchase then ask a store attendant to gather her items so she can pay at the register. Second plan if Mary is unable to get to the store she orders groceries on line. She makes sure she shops at familiar supermarkets and websites.
Meal preparation- Mary use the microwave dinners she can warm in a microwave or toaster oven .She has a timer in case she forgets about the time needed to warm the food. Mary is signed up with meals on wheels but at times tired of eating the same food.
Bathing- Mary is better with some gross motor in her hands still has some thumb function. She has a shower chair and remote she press