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All the units are in small scale sector with combined capacity of 1800 Tonne per annum. The capacity utilisation in this industry has generally been around 75%. In the last decade, 100% production of Garlic powder was being exported, but of late, around 70% production is exported as powder, 20% is consumed domestically by pharmaceutical industry and the balance 10% is also exported as value added product of pharmaceutical industry.
Garlic is sometimes imported into India as the domestic production is not sufficient. However there is high import duty to compensate the domestic producers. Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai, is the market for imported garlic. World's Largest producer of Garlic is the USA. Kyolic,Kwai, Garlicin, Pure-Gar are the major brands of medicinal products. Producing garlic for medicinal purposes is more complex . China & Argentina are the next important countries in this trade for low prices of products. Garlic is a very labor intensive crop The culinary market includes primarily fresh garlic, both organic and non-organic, and smaller markets for dried or dehydrated garlic. There is little processing that is necessary for the culinary market.