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Overcoming Your fear of flying !!
Laws Of Life .
I was walking down this long four sided box to board the plane . My heart was pounding and my eye were flushing with tears, because i was not only overcoming my fear but it, but i was actually leaving my mom's side for the first time in 11 years this wasn't a vacation, it was a moving situation. My dad wanted me to come live with him for a little while, so my mom agredd to it , i had no idea what i was in for

I finally came to the plane's doors and i was greeted by 2 woman with the same outfits as if they were in the military or something . i remember it was a navy blue jacket, a long skirt and a plaid baby blue button with a cream bow on the collar of the jacket . The plane had given me a an adult watcher someone who took care of me while i was on the plane .
I walked down the narrow aisle filled with leather grey seats and seat belts buckles . And little tables that pulled out in the front . I finally sat down in my seat. there was a hispanic boy also riding on the plane by himself aswell. This plane ride was only 3 hours . The whole ride i was thinking what minnesota would be like. I really didnt know what i was in for . I closed my window on the plane because i didnt want to look at the land or the ground below.

I was sitting in the seat with nothing else to do but playmy Ds that i had gotten for christmas ( it was grey with a penny sticker across the top of it) . I noticed that the plane was moving ina bumpy way like a rollercoaster at six flags going up and down.I got so nervous just wishing it was all over i felt like a kid again swiming for the first time drowning trying to swim . There was a seat belt sign that started flashing on in off letting everyone on the plane that it was time to fasten their seat belts. Then the captain would get on the loud speaker an make an anouncement . I honestly really wasn't listening to him because i just wanted