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Introduction To Egypt
What continent does Egypt lie in? Africa
Explain the following geographical terms:
Delta - Where a river divides in a low triangular area before entering a larger body of water.
Cataract – A large waterfall
Oasis – An isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or a similar water source
Inundation - The flood of land that is normally dry through the overflowing of a body of water, esp a river
Draw a map of Egypt and her neighbours

4. Locate and indicate the areas of Upper and Lower Egypt on your map
5. Find the following information:
*The average rainfall in Egypt
Average rainfall is about 200 mm (nearly 7.9 inches) at northern coasts (near Alexandria), decreasing as you go south to about 50-100 mm in the Nile Delta region. Around Cairo it ranges between 10-30 mm, varying from year to year. Rainfall decreases sharply farther south. Rainfall season is mainly in winter between the months of November and January, and to a lesser extent February and March.

*Name the different seasons in Egypt
There was "Inundation, from June to September, when the Nile flooded. then there was Emergence, October to February, when the waters receded, living silt for the farmers to grow their crops in. and then there was Harvest, from June to May.
*The variation in temperature
In the summer temperatures can be between 30-40 degrees in the day and 10- mid 20s at night and in the winter temperatures can vary between 13 – 27